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Artistic Statement

I specialize in work ranging from classic plays being dusted off and brought to life based on theme interpretation and heightened textual analysis, to new work that begins as real stories devised and brought to life in the rehearsal hall. By using integration of embodied storytelling, ensemble driven collaboration, and movement as a visual medium to extract meaning, I curate work that tests boundaries and challenges the way we as theatre makers have told stories for decades. I believe that my modern approach to storytelling will help shift what stories we tell, but more importantly, whose stories we tell, in hopes that one day the American Theatre will represent the actual people living in it, and what we live and breathe. 

Through directing works, writing stories, and curating immersive theatre,

Hayley’s goal is to test boundaries in the theatre by telling stories of queerness and gender expression as existent and natural. They are charged to create more of this work in hopes to flip the narrative of whose stories are represented and which stories are deemed as necessary and natural.

Hayley finds passion in projects that dismantle the antiquated ideology that the cis male, straight, middle class narrative equates to “hero.” 

"As a Director,
I run my rehearsals with courage, experimentation, and integrity that is rooted in collaboration and inclusion." --   


Originally from Orlando, Florida; Hayley (she/they) is a New York based director, writer, and curator. As a theater director, Hayley has recently directed and developed work Off Broadway with LDK Productions and SoHo Playhouse.

Hayley holds their degree in Theater and Directing from University of Alabama at Birmingham where they were awarded KCACTF Directing honors. 

Be on the lookout for their upcoming book: To My Lover, To My Mother: A queer book of poetry Coming soon, 2022!

As a Writer, Hayley has written screenplays featuring queerness, women’s rights, as well as the delicate relationship between Mother and Daughter with Tanner & Holmes Productions. 

APART from theatre:

By day, Hayley is a granola crunching, kombucha drinking hiker (check out their most recent 800 mile backpacking trip @hayley.hikes), an avid reader, a writer of poetry and fiction, and is BIG into board games and trivia.

Recent directing credits include: A Sign of The Times Starring Javier Munoz (LDK Productions), Games (SoHo Playhouse), Better Angels (SoHo Playhouse), Angels in America: Millennium Approaches, Gruesome Playground Injuries, and Fool for Love. 

As a curator, Hayley’s credits include: Things [Un]Said, Rooted: A One Woman Show, and The Reason. 

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