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Hayley Procacci to Direct with Chicago Dramatists

Hayley will be directing Thick as Thieves by Starla Carpentar and Faithful Flame by Keegon Schuett with Chicago Dramatists February 11, 2024. 

Hayley Procacci to Co-Direct GAMES in Chicago

Hayley has brought a recent credit of theirs from New York City to Chicago. They are thrilled to be co-directing Games by Henry Naylor in Fall of 2023 with Theater Unspeakable! Check back on their website for more exciting news!

Post Date: November, 2022

Post Date: October, 2022

Hayley is thrilled to join Lookingglass Theatre Company as a full time staff member!

Hayley has recently joined Lookingglass Theatre Company as a full time staff member as their marketing manager! They cannot wait to acquire new skills, curate relationships, and work in theatre day in and day out. 

Post Date: June, 2022

Aaron is a transitioning man, and Luna is a 12-year-old girl with a deep passion for outer space. Together in the lobby of an Oncology Unit, they learn how to wait as they navigate their changing bodies and circumstances within the expanse; this is a story of friendship.

Hayley Procacci to direct MAN AND MOON in Chicago at 16th Street Theater.

Post Date: March, 2022

Hayley to produce MY UNCLE SAM with Theater Unspeakable!

This May, Hayley will produce MY UNCLE SAM: A devised theatrical show with Theater Unspeakable and The Actors Gymnasium.

Post Date: January, 2022

Hiking through Unemployment: How Hayley Procacci Used Hiking to Redefine Life

The morning dew settles in the Green Mountains of Vermont. There is a silent calmness wafting in the rich air. It is fall. Crunchy leaves sprinkle the forest floor outside of Hayley Procacci's tent. They create a trail of dazzling oranges with hues of yellow amidst the blanket of green. They wake up with a twinge of exhaustion from hiking the day before. They are alone. They embrace themself for another day before remembering the words another hiker said to them days ago "You are never alone." - Madison Naves, WEInspire

Post Date: August, 2021

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