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Man and Moon

Siena Marilyn Ledger

Aaron is a transitioning man, and Luna is a 12-year-old girl with a deep passion for outer space. Together in the lobby of an Oncology Unit, they learn how to wait as they navigate their changing bodies and circumstances within the expanse; this is a story of friendship.

U.S. premiere of Stephen Lloyd Helper’s A Sign of the Times, starring Javier Muñoz.

A man becomes a traffic controller during a personal and professional crossroads in his own life. With his wit and vivid imagination, he invokes Shakespeare, Einstein, and other visionaries on his emotional odyssey.

A Sign of the Times

Stephen LLoyd Helper

A Sign of The Times

1980's, New York City. A gay man is abandoned by his lover when he contracts the AIDS virus, and a closeted Mormon lawyer's marriage to his pill-popping wife stalls. Other characters include the infamous McCarthy-ite lawyer Roy Cohn, Ethel Rosenberg, a former drag queen who works as a nurse, and an angel.

Angels in America: Millennium Approaches

Tony Kushner

1936, Berlin. When Jewish athlete Helene Mayer is selected for the Nazis’ Olympic Squad, she realizes she is fighting for much more than a medal. Based on a true story, ‘Games’ is a cautionary tale for our times. ‘Games’ is a two-woman narrative based on the untold stories of Helene Mayer and Gretel Bergmann, the only two German Jewish Olympic level athletes in training for the 1936 Berlin Olympics. This two woman show dissects the real-life journeys of both Helene Mayer and Gretel Bergmann, as they navigate identity, sport, integrity, and humanity of self and passion during Hitler’s reign.

Silent Sky tells the true story of Henrietta Leavitt, the astronomer ahead of her time. It is 1900, and Henrietta has the opportunity to work at Harvard University as a human computer, one of Dr. Edward Pickering's “harem,” mapping the stars but receiving no scientific credit.

Silent Sky

Lauren Gunderson